Wax, shave, spray…. huh?!

People’s views on hair removal range from “Pull out every follicle that’s not on my head!” to “Let it grow, never cut down Mother Nature” and an incredibly diverse range in the middle.

However if hair removal of any body part is something you do, then read on….

Looking specifically at the bikini area for the moment, I like it all off. It’s a personal choice for everyone, but for me that’s what I like.

Back when I was young and oh so foolish, I shaved. Big mistake. Big. Huge. Yes, we all need a little Julia Roberts in our lives…. In the coming days I felt like I was going to scratch myself in half during the re-growth and swore to never do it again.

I’ve tried hair removal cream once (Veet: what else?) and whilst it was amusing watching the hairs go all squiggly whilst dissolving, I found some areas to be more stubborn and therefore the overall result was pretty patchy – the re-growth was also a little more uncomfortable than I expected.

At the moment I spend £37 on a Hollywood with hot wax – never let anyone go anywhere near that area with strip wax – every 4 weeks or so. I’ve been having it done for years so after 4 weeks there’s not much there but I like to keep the lady garden situ under control. Don’t want to let anything grow too thick or the men won’t be able to find the important stuff!

The hair on my legs is a different story, it’s too fine to wax and epilation has never given me a smooth enough finish, so that left me with shaving. The problem is, I hate the scratchy re-growth and have to shave far more often than I’d like. I’d like to never shave and have permanently smooth skin but apparently that’s unrealistic. I know. Rude, right?

However, there is now a new kid on the block.


It is apparently “A highly-concentrated serum that helps reduce the apparent prominence and density of body hair over time.”

Essentially the hair grows back slower, thinner and sparser. Snaps all around I think! Results should be apparent after 2 weeks with continued improvements to 2 months. I will start using this Miracle Non-Hairy Juice – yes, I renamed it, let’s move on – and send an update in 2 weeks to see if we can actually see results.

Stay tuned!