My thoughts on reverse hair washing

I’m not sure if I’m behind the trend (more than likely) or if this phase is only just surfacing on a mainstream level: reverse hair washing.

Condition –> Shampoo –> Rinse

The theory goes that you get the nourishment from the conditioner but by using the shampoo second any residue is removed – leaving you with light and glossy locks.

Yesterday and today I reversed my shower routine. All in all the process didn’t take longer than my standard 12 minute shower, I just had to concentrate on doing it in the new order.

Styling process was the same too; comb through wet hair, towel dry, add Argan Oil from the nape of my neck to the ends, blow dry with a big barrel brush.

By the end of the first day, I wasn’t convinced. Halfway through the afternoon it looked limp and lifeless, so much so I stuck it in a ponytail and forgot about it.

I thought I might have been a little timid with the shampoo (not wanting to create a massive frizz) so this morning I thought ‘to hell with it’ and was far more vigorous. The result? Much better!

Getting a comb through it when wet was just as easy as always and whilst I do have more fly aways at the top by my parting, the ends (from ear lobe down) have more volume whilst still being smooth and sleek.

At the time of writing, no one has commented on my beautiful hair that shines like a million strands of spun golden silk, but I’m sure they will.

As for reverse hair washing, I think this is actually a trend I’ll stick with for a while.


My review of The Fab Pore

The Fab Pore.

Produced by Soap & Glory and appaz….. “This deep cleansing facial treatment is a must-have for any girl who wants to see less of her large pores.”

As you can tell from my photos and the new packaging (if you click the link above), I’ve had mine for a while. I figured it was pointless reviewing something that you’re meant to use repeatedly after only a short while.

 Fab Pore


It costs £10 and, whilst it’s not a very large pot, I managed 17 applications – using an amount the size of a grape. Yes. I counted. Let’s move on.

[For those mathematically inclined, that works out at 59p per application, rounded to the nearest whole number]


It’s creamy, thick and tastes rank. I promise it was ingested by accident, but I figure all knowledge is good knowledge. It was easy to apply – making sure you rub in the little green balls – then took 15 minutes or so to dry before being washed off. It is advertised as “2-in-1 Facial Pore Purifying Mask & Peel” so it’s worth noting that nothing actually peels…. It’s a creamy mask that hardens and is then washed off.

The one thing that I hated was the smell. Some reviews online rave about how good it smells and I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion…. In my humble opinion it smells like toilet cleaner.

After I washed it off the first time my skin felt nice and smooth, reasonably tight but with no noticeable difference in how it looked or the size of those dastardly pores. Once the 17 applications were over, once a week, like a very good girl, I spent a long time examining my face.

If it has made a difference, it’s not one I can see. There has been no discernable difference in the size of my pores nor does my skin look more ‘polished’. For £10 you can’t expect to look 18 again (not that I’d want to look like my 18 year old self anyway) but for me this doesn’t do enough to make me keep using it.

Onto the next miracle in a jar…


Archery: let’s keep it high brow.

Eyebrows. I bloody love them!

You can indicate so much with even the smallest of movements, I could be intrigued, titillated, confused, aroused (#standard), angry, shocked or maybe I think you’re an idiot (also pretty #standard).

Quite why people therefore neglect their beautiful lines of fuzzy, expressive glory is beyond me. I saw this on Facebook yesterday and had a good old giggle….

Up until about 6 months ago, I’ll be honest, I pretty much ignored my eyebrows. If I was having a Hollywood and I remembered, I’d ask for those naughty ‘brows to be whipped into shape then I’d crack on with life.

Then, the pencilling started, except I used an eyeliner. Please don’t yell. It worked reasonably well; allowing for a little colour and shaping whilst still being very easy to correct if it went wrong. Which was pretty frequent tbh.

The issue with using eyeliner is that it doesn’t last. If I rubbed an eyebrow it would smudge, massively. By the end of the day the eyebrows were back to normal but I looked ready to perform in a Minstrel show.

Awkward. And then some.


Bring on….. Archery, by Soap & Glory.

It has a crayon at one end and a stain at the other. I bought ‘Love is Blonde’ and so far we’re getting on well.



At first, the crayon doesn’t seem to be making any difference but the key here is not to press harder (you’ll just snap it off) but to be repetitive. Short, sharp, individual strokes will build up the colour and prevents you producing too harsh (and fake) a contour.

Archery Crayon


Then I switch to the other end which has a ‘precision-point’ stain tip. Key word here is ‘stain’. It really does last all day but this also means you need to be cautious at first; to make sure you don’t go overboard and look like a clown. Definitely did not happen to me. As with the crayon, the key is individual strokes – as if you’re painting on new hairs. If you get carried away, they end up looking like they’ve been painted on. Yuk.

Archery Stain

I’ve read reviews online of the stain tip running out after a few weeks. So far I’ve used mine every day for 7 days and it’s holding up just fine.

For now, enjoy the before, after crayon and after stain photos! (from right to left)



Olay Essentials BB Cream

S&G and OlayA little while ago I reviewed the Soap & Glory Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion which I concluded was very good, but some sort of SPF would have made it that much better.

Now for my thoughts on something else I bought at the same time: Olay Essentials BB Cream.

This has really good coverage and blends on very well. I normally do my face base about 20 minutes after my moisturiser which I think helps. Sometimes, if my skin is very dry it ‘sucks’ up the moisture in a product leaving me with a patchy result.

I’m really glad I picked the ‘light’ one as I find it a pretty scary shade when it squirts from the tube – blended on it looks absolutely fine but there is no way I’ll ever go near the ‘medium’ version.

For reference I’m blonde haired, blue eyed and rather than ever tanning I’ll go red then fade/peel and go back to ghoulish white.


What I’ve taken to doing for the past week or so is mixing even amounts of the Glow Job and BB Cream which I find lightens the coverage just enough to what I’m after whilst being the right shade and consistency.

It probably breaks all the traditional rules but it works for me…. and that’s pretty much the only rule I pay attention to.




Olay 1








Olay 2









Olay 3



Wedding dresses… my obsession

Having recently discovered Tumblr (I know I’m a million years late, please let’s move on) I have followed loads of blogs, every single one of them dedicated to wedding dresses.

I’m not engaged, I don’t even have a boyfriend, hence the earlier posts on fuck buddies, but I love looking at wedding dresses.

To be clear, my love is not for shitty, cheap, meringue style blobs with plastic beads, random pieces of chiffon and unflattering ruching that makes girls on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ cry with joy.

My love is for a dress so special, it could bring a wedding tear from even the most unbelieving of women…. name that film!

Dresses like these:

 Wedding Dresses

Absolutely all credit for the pictures goes to Rose Town, whose magnificent board you can find here.

A girl in my office is getting married next year and hasn’t thought about dresses, which prompted the search and subsequent discovery of Tumblr. A chap then commented saying any woman who thought about her wedding before she was engaged is a desperate soon-to-be cat lady that any sane man would avoid like the plague.


Little girls play at ‘wedding’ as soon as they’re old enough to understand the concept, I know I did – complete with pillow case veil and teddy bears as guests.

Just because I’m older, suddenly I’m desperate?

Well, men who think like that can go and boil their heads. I love looking at wedding dresses, flowers and table decorations. It’s not because I’ve started planning to the nth degree, but because I love beauty. I love pretty things and imagination; I love flowers, diamonds, cakes and beautiful women. All of these are found in abundance at weddings. It is why I shall continue to look, and never be embarrassed of the fact that I do.


‘Glow Job’ Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion

I have a problem: I need something essential, I go to Boots, things somehow end up in my hand, then in my bag, then on my make up shelf, then on my face.

Whilst I’m working out how to control this, below are my thoughts on one of the latest mystery items…..

Soap & Glory Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion.

S&G and Olay*yes, there is something else in the picture, but I haven’t used that yet, so no opinion shall be proffered*

As an aside, I have always loved the S&G names. My lip plumper is called ‘Sexy Motherpucker’, my illuminator is called ‘Hocus Focus’ and now I have a ‘Glow Job’.

My standard foundation is Chanel Vitalumière Aqua, and it is wonderful – by far the best foundation I’ve ever found. Lately though, I’ve been hankering after something a little lighter to ‘skim on and go’.

S&G 1

This is pretty cool – the cream contains little beads of bronzer which actually burst when it’s rubbed in.

S&G 2It was pretty unnerving this morning; to see little streaks of brown across my face, but after a little work it does blend in nicely.

S&G 3

I’ve had a few breakouts recently (thanks a bunch, No. 7 Airbrush Away Primer), so I touched these up and added a smidge of powder. By lunchtime it still looked fresh and glowing, but not shiny. I re-powdered a little before I left work but it wouldn’t have been a disaster if I hadn’t.

All in all it’s great and I will use it again but my issue is that it has no SPF. The Chanel foundation did, obviously daaahling, and even more of the cheaper foundation/tinted moisturisers are including it as standard.

Also, there are reviews online saying people are rubbing it in their hands to burst the beads and by the time they get to their face the moisuriser has gone. Just run into the face directly and blend, looks scary but not difficult.

If they could only include SPF, I’d make sure a ‘Glow Job’ was essential each and every day…


Lord & Berry Crayon

Further to my love of nail art, is my love of lipstick! Sometimes, it’s truly all you need.

On the recommendation of Amelia Liana, whose superb beauty blog you can find here…. I bought the Lord & Berry Shining Lipstick in Chocolate, a bargain (compared to some of my other lipsticks) at £8. Interestingly though, on their website they don’t list chocolate as a colour….

Lord & Berry

It’s quite an odd one: a lipstick, in a crayon, but it’s not a liner nor does it have a matt effect, it’s a reasonably shiny lipstick. Not a clue how they do it but I don’t care, it’s AWESOME.

This is me immediately post application….

Lips, at application

This is me 4 hours post application, and also post lunch….

Lips, after 4 hours and lunch

The thing that disappears most with time/eating is not the colour but the gloss, fixed by either skimming over again with the crayon or you could top up with a balm. A little of the colour rubs off in the middle but a little top up would sort it right out.

Overall, I love it!

*Off to order the same thing in 6 different colours*