Masque strips – the review

Further to my discovery of these strips which you can read about here, I’ve since received my order (chocolate and watermelon) and given them a go!

I know I said I’d order all four but at £9.99 each that wasn’t really possible…. blame my spur of the moment trip to Tom Ford!

The packets are nice and slim so could easily get through a letterbox if you’re not in.

Masque Strips

Inside there are three individually wrapped packets which you peel apart to reveal the strip.



So far, so good.

I’m not sure about spending £9.99 for a packet of three strips and, if one gives a steady stream of head, the cost could rack up fairly quickly.


Now, to the taste. I’m disappointed to report that the overarching taste with both flavours is that of nail varnish remover/hand sanitiser.

Imagine, if you will, swilling some alcohol hand gel around your mouth then getting a wave of flavour that I imagine Lidl’s own brand Kahlua imitation would taste like. I felt at one point (whilst trying not to throw up) there might be a hint of rum in there but I think that was a result of someone mixing “chocolate” with hand sanitiser.

Unfortunately, the watermelon was no better. It followed the same pattern as the chocolate – alcohol hand gel to start then (rather than kahlua) the taste then developed into something similar to tropical Hubba Bubba.


I have no doubt that using one of these strips masks the taste of seminal fluid. Either this is because of the “Natural taste masking agents” they use or perhaps the strips just destroy your taste buds.


To summarise, let me share a true story of my past: there was a time I gave a guy head and his cum tasted so awful that I threw up in his kitchen sink.

I would rather re-live that experience than go near a Masque strip again.




p.s I have two individually wrapped strips in both chocolate and watermelon if anyone wants to verify my findings…. Or is feeling masochistic.

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