Role Models

With social media, celebrities can now reach connect with their fans easier than ever before.

Justin Bieber has 51.9 million followers, second only to Katy Perry (53.3m) and ahead of Barack Obama (43.2m). [1]

Justin Bieber has more followers than the President of the United States of America, more followers than the entire population of Spain [2].

This is the child (and yes, he is still a child) that in January was arrested on suspicion of driving whilst drunk, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest.

Zayn Malik, with his 12.7m followers, has recently been shown smoking a joint whilst in a car with Louis Tomlinson and the hashtag #CutForZouis is now trending on Twitter.

I shit you not.

These are fans that are so influenced, so fixated, so utterly obsessed with their idols that they are willing to self-harm, photograph it and put it on Twitter.

There have been many more occasions when celebrities, who have an audience that is predominantly young and/or impressionable, have done something stupid or illegal… or both.

My question is this: to what extent should celebrities be expected to portray a positive image and to what extent should they be allowed to live their own lives as they wish?

I’m going to try and form my thoughts (this might take a while) so let me know what you think!





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