Get your Rocks Off people!

There seems to have been quite the splurge on arse related posts recently, butt (yep, did it again) I’m enjoying myself so let’s keep it going!


I have long been a fan of the Lovehoney Basics Slimline Butt Buddy Butt Plug. I’d like to meet the person responsible for naming that one!

It’s a great starting point; slim, soft, flexible, cheap, no phthalates. Lovely stuff.


Recently, I’ve been craving a little more in that area so have branched out and bought the Rocks Off Assberries Raspberry. Again, I need to go for drinks with the people that name this stuff!

The Raspberry

Rocks Off produces some great stuff, it’s all waterproof and is designed, tested and produced in the UK. They use platinum grade silicone and their toys are some of the softest I’ve ever touched.

The Raspberry itself is thicker than the Slimline plug and comes with a removable 80mm bullet – great for making sure it’s perfectly clean after a fun session.

Scale 2

Scale 3







Scale 1

I had gone through a phase of pressing a bullet against the base of the Slimline plug to provide vibrations but, if playing solo, you very quickly run out of hands! The Raspberry circumvents this leaving both hands free to play with all manner of other things *exercise your own imagination here*.

After a while with a pretty small plug the change was noticeable and took a little adjusting to. I would never be without my trusty lube (this one, if you’re interested) which is essential for all fun, safe backdoor play.


The vibrations come in a variety of speed and pulse settings and I’m having a wonderful time exploring them all. The neck also has a pleasing diameter to provide just enough of a stretch.

I think this is a great toy for a semi-beginner looking to step up the sensations but at the same time it also has enough ‘zing’ for the more experienced out there. All in all, a great toy.


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