Tasty blow jobs? Om nom nom!

Have you ever been going down on a guy and thought how awful his man sausage tasted?

Fear not, help is at hand…

A company called Masque have produced thin, dissolving gel strips designed to mask the flavour of seminal fluid and taste delicious at the same time.

The ingredients clock up the usual selection of dyes, emulsifiers, sugars and starches but one ingredient in all flavours is “Natural Taste-Masking Agents”. I emailed the company asking what this actually is and received this response:

“The natural taste-masking agents are actually part of our secret formula and a big part of the patents we have pending. However, I can tell you that we didn’t invent any new chemicals or agents for the product. Everything that’s included has been in food and pharmaceuticals for well over two decades. The way our researchers have described it is that you have almost certainly ingested everything in the strips within the past 72 hours or so.”

I do quite like to know what I’m actually putting in my mouth (saucy!) but until the patents are approved one does have to appreciate the need for secrecy.

The four flavours available are: strawberry, chocolate, watermelon and mango. Whilst all four are gluten free, none are kosher or vegan. If I had to guess I’d say this is because the gelatine in all the strips is a pork derivative… but once I hear back from the company I’ll update the post.

I’ve also ordered all four so will report back on taste and… erm… effectiveness shortly! Whilst you can only buy from their website for delivery to the USA, there is a company selling them for UK delivery on Amazon.