Anal Beads

The subject of anal is, admittedly, not scholarly dinner conversation but I believe it to be a great topic nonetheless.

I’ll happily be the first to say: I quite like something in my butt.

Sometimes, I think people are a little ashamed to say it, just imagine if there was a support group… At your first time attending AA (Anal Aficionados, obviously), someone stands up and says “Hi everyone, my name’s Jane and I love a cock in my arse”. The group then applauds and a beautiful evening is had by all.

Butt (aren’t I witty?) back to the matter in hand.

Anal beads.

There is an astonishing selection on the market at the moment and one I have been trialling recently is the LoveHoney Beginners Anal Beads.

Anal Beads

For a beginner string they’re longer than I expected with a full 11 inches of insertable length. The beads themselves are graduated from 3/8ths of an inch to 1 inch. Given I think that’s quite hard to get a sense of, I’ve popped a 50p next to the smallest and largest beads.

Anal Bead Sizing

They are made from skin safe jelly rubber and are waterproof too. As I’d expect, there is no latex or nasty phthalates. If you’re wondering why we don’t want phthalates near our nether regions, go check out this post by She Bop.

There are many things you can do with a string of anal beads however one of the most written about is inserting the string then pulling it out at the moment of orgasm. Naturally the use of lubricant and never double dipping should go without saying but if you need reminding go check out this previous post.

All I’ll say (as you might be eating right now) is that if you’re going to be inserting that much into your arse, dear GOD make sure you douche thoroughly first. Luckily I was using them solo when I realised this. Thank. Fuck. The shape of the beads is (unfortunately) particularly conducive to pulling out any little spec of fecal matter that might be around. Not exactly arousing. Unless you’re into that sort of thing…

A normal douche (like this one) is fine for basic play but in truth doesn’t reach that far up so for the more thorough among you, there are kits more like an enema than a douche – I’ve not tried this one but you get the idea!

I think for me the fear or the string being pulled out with any… additions negates any pleasure gained during their use. Everyone is different but I like my anal toys short and thick!


3 thoughts on “Anal Beads

    • Anal’s a great thing to explore and even though these beads are described as ‘beginner’ a plug would be a good choice. You can get some very slim ones and if it’s your first dip into anal go for something made of jelly rubber, nice and flexible! Let me know which one you pick! xxx

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