Bondage tape, oh la la!

One thing I’ve had in my arsenal of tricks for some time is bondage tape. I had to try a fair few types before I settled on something I really like (and would therefore recommend) but now I’ve found it I would never use anything else.

Introducing…… Supersex Bondage Tape by Tracey Cox.

Each roll is made from PVC and is 60ft long – you get two roles for just £8.99 which works out at only 7.5 pence per foot. If that’s not good value I don’t know what is!

The joy behind this tape is that it sticks to itself but not to you. I have zero idea how it works but it does. The tape glides over your skin (hairs and all) sort of like a plastic carrier bag. When you wrap the tape on itself however, it sticks with incredibly strength. If you want you can then peel it off itself and use it somewhere else, or on someone else [1].

I favour a fairly basic technique: around each limb, criss-cross between and then around the outside. I pride myself on having excellent lower body strength and when taped like this I cannot break free.



To undo the tape you can unpeel it, but I always have a pair of scissors near the bed/sofa/dining table/stairs in case I want to get out in a hurry.

For the more serious of bondage aficionados this might seem like child’s play but for a simple bit of ‘tie and play’ you can’t really go wrong.


[1] I think unless you’re in a ménage à trois situation, be a big spender and use some fresh tape. Thinking about it, regardless of the situation for just 7.5 pence per foot you should use new tape for everyone.