Double dipping is neither big nor clever

Imagine the scene: you’re sat in a restaurant, a plate of spring rolls arrive with a lovely dish of scrumptious, dipping heaven.

Chopsticks ahoy!

Then, after the first bite, your dinner guest lowers their half-eaten, saliva riddled spring roll back towards the dipping dish.

It happens in slow motion; everything around you drifts out of focus and you hear the blood pounding in your ears. With the inevitable re-entry of the spring roll into the sauce, an angel softly weeps in the heavens as that sauce, once so delicious, is now tarnished with millions of flesh eating bacteria [1].

Except I’m not talking about Chinese food. I’m talking about anal.

Now, to be clear, I think anal sex is great. The bit that is considerably less than great is when an unprotected penis comes out of the bum hole and is put straight into either the mouth or vagina.

A few weeks ago, a girl I work with told me her friend had unprotected anal sex with a guy and during the throes of passion he pulled out and they continued having vanilla sex.

  • Firstly. Condoms. Anal sex has a higher risk of transmitting STIs [2] so unless you’ve both been checked and cleared, stay safe
  • Secondly. The bacteria contained in the anus can give you infections such as E. coli as well as and urinary tract infections
  • Thirdly. Poo. In your vagina. That is wrong on every level

By all means play around in the chocolate department but make sure you clean things before they go anywhere else!


[1] Probably not flesh eating


2 thoughts on “Double dipping is neither big nor clever

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