Archery: let’s keep it high brow.

Eyebrows. I bloody love them!

You can indicate so much with even the smallest of movements, I could be intrigued, titillated, confused, aroused (#standard), angry, shocked or maybe I think you’re an idiot (also pretty #standard).

Quite why people therefore neglect their beautiful lines of fuzzy, expressive glory is beyond me. I saw this on Facebook yesterday and had a good old giggle….

Up until about 6 months ago, I’ll be honest, I pretty much ignored my eyebrows. If I was having a Hollywood and I remembered, I’d ask for those naughty ‘brows to be whipped into shape then I’d crack on with life.

Then, the pencilling started, except I used an eyeliner. Please don’t yell. It worked reasonably well; allowing for a little colour and shaping whilst still being very easy to correct if it went wrong. Which was pretty frequent tbh.

The issue with using eyeliner is that it doesn’t last. If I rubbed an eyebrow it would smudge, massively. By the end of the day the eyebrows were back to normal but I looked ready to perform in a Minstrel show.

Awkward. And then some.


Bring on….. Archery, by Soap & Glory.

It has a crayon at one end and a stain at the other. I bought ‘Love is Blonde’ and so far we’re getting on well.



At first, the crayon doesn’t seem to be making any difference but the key here is not to press harder (you’ll just snap it off) but to be repetitive. Short, sharp, individual strokes will build up the colour and prevents you producing too harsh (and fake) a contour.

Archery Crayon


Then I switch to the other end which has a ‘precision-point’ stain tip. Key word here is ‘stain’. It really does last all day but this also means you need to be cautious at first; to make sure you don’t go overboard and look like a clown. Definitely did not happen to me. As with the crayon, the key is individual strokes – as if you’re painting on new hairs. If you get carried away, they end up looking like they’ve been painted on. Yuk.

Archery Stain

I’ve read reviews online of the stain tip running out after a few weeks. So far I’ve used mine every day for 7 days and it’s holding up just fine.

For now, enjoy the before, after crayon and after stain photos! (from right to left)



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