Invisible Knickers… Walk. Away.

A particularly hideous creation has recently been paraded on the internet and I feel my disgust needs to be stated for the record.

Bring on…. invisible knickers. Invisible knickers, front and back

My main issue with these is that they aren’t actually invisible. You might not be able to see the ‘knickers’ when wearing a mesh panelled dress or perhaps something red, Valentino and split to the hip, but get naked and what are you left with?

You’re left with something that resembles the 1800’s answer to sanitary wear…. except with plastic…. and much more awful.

Admittedly (read: thank fuck) they are still on Kickstarter and have yet to reach the $10,000 goal needed to start production. I would be very grateful if everyone could start burning any money they find to ensure this product never reaches the general market.

Their tag line is also outstanding and deserves special mention:

“Absolutely invisible panties! Use them every day, be sexy and free, even when you’re having “special women’s” days!”

 Right then guys and girls, let’s say it together: Period…. No, don’t run away screaming, come back!

Let’s try again: I’m on my period, I’m due on my period, I’ve missed a period, I hate my period, periods suck. Period.

Alternatively, you could just use a tampon.

My absolute favourite part of the invisible knickers was this:

 Invisible knickers

Apparently, odd plastic straps that will sweat and chafe with cheap white plastic adjusters and a sanitary towel attached underneath is sexy. Who knew?! Call me a granny but I’d rather have a pair of nudes any day. Or better yet, go commando.


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