Olay Essentials BB Cream

S&G and OlayA little while ago I reviewed the Soap & Glory Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion which I concluded was very good, but some sort of SPF would have made it that much better.

Now for my thoughts on something else I bought at the same time: Olay Essentials BB Cream.

This has really good coverage and blends on very well. I normally do my face base about 20 minutes after my moisturiser which I think helps. Sometimes, if my skin is very dry it ‘sucks’ up the moisture in a product leaving me with a patchy result.

I’m really glad I picked the ‘light’ one as I find it a pretty scary shade when it squirts from the tube – blended on it looks absolutely fine but there is no way I’ll ever go near the ‘medium’ version.

For reference I’m blonde haired, blue eyed and rather than ever tanning I’ll go red then fade/peel and go back to ghoulish white.


What I’ve taken to doing for the past week or so is mixing even amounts of the Glow Job and BB Cream which I find lightens the coverage just enough to what I’m after whilst being the right shade and consistency.

It probably breaks all the traditional rules but it works for me…. and that’s pretty much the only rule I pay attention to.




Olay 1








Olay 2









Olay 3