Wedding dresses… my obsession

Having recently discovered Tumblr (I know I’m a million years late, please let’s move on) I have followed loads of blogs, every single one of them dedicated to wedding dresses.

I’m not engaged, I don’t even have a boyfriend, hence the earlier posts on fuck buddies, but I love looking at wedding dresses.

To be clear, my love is not for shitty, cheap, meringue style blobs with plastic beads, random pieces of chiffon and unflattering ruching that makes girls on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ cry with joy.

My love is for a dress so special, it could bring a wedding tear from even the most unbelieving of women…. name that film!

Dresses like these:

 Wedding Dresses

Absolutely all credit for the pictures goes to Rose Town, whose magnificent board you can find here.

A girl in my office is getting married next year and hasn’t thought about dresses, which prompted the search and subsequent discovery of Tumblr. A chap then commented saying any woman who thought about her wedding before she was engaged is a desperate soon-to-be cat lady that any sane man would avoid like the plague.


Little girls play at ‘wedding’ as soon as they’re old enough to understand the concept, I know I did – complete with pillow case veil and teddy bears as guests.

Just because I’m older, suddenly I’m desperate?

Well, men who think like that can go and boil their heads. I love looking at wedding dresses, flowers and table decorations. It’s not because I’ve started planning to the nth degree, but because I love beauty. I love pretty things and imagination; I love flowers, diamonds, cakes and beautiful women. All of these are found in abundance at weddings. It is why I shall continue to look, and never be embarrassed of the fact that I do.


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