‘Glow Job’ Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion

I have a problem: I need something essential, I go to Boots, things somehow end up in my hand, then in my bag, then on my make up shelf, then on my face.

Whilst I’m working out how to control this, below are my thoughts on one of the latest mystery items…..

Soap & Glory Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion.

S&G and Olay*yes, there is something else in the picture, but I haven’t used that yet, so no opinion shall be proffered*

As an aside, I have always loved the S&G names. My lip plumper is called ‘Sexy Motherpucker’, my illuminator is called ‘Hocus Focus’ and now I have a ‘Glow Job’.

My standard foundation is Chanel Vitalumière Aqua, and it is wonderful – by far the best foundation I’ve ever found. Lately though, I’ve been hankering after something a little lighter to ‘skim on and go’.

S&G 1

This is pretty cool – the cream contains little beads of bronzer which actually burst when it’s rubbed in.

S&G 2It was pretty unnerving this morning; to see little streaks of brown across my face, but after a little work it does blend in nicely.

S&G 3

I’ve had a few breakouts recently (thanks a bunch, No. 7 Airbrush Away Primer), so I touched these up and added a smidge of powder. By lunchtime it still looked fresh and glowing, but not shiny. I re-powdered a little before I left work but it wouldn’t have been a disaster if I hadn’t.

All in all it’s great and I will use it again but my issue is that it has no SPF. The Chanel foundation did, obviously daaahling, and even more of the cheaper foundation/tinted moisturisers are including it as standard.

Also, there are reviews online saying people are rubbing it in their hands to burst the beads and by the time they get to their face the moisuriser has gone. Just run into the face directly and blend, looks scary but not difficult.

If they could only include SPF, I’d make sure a ‘Glow Job’ was essential each and every day…


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