Flowers and gems….

Title says it all really; I used flower transfers then added gems. My god what incredible value I’m adding to your lives!

 Flowers and gems

One thing I would note is that I am incredibly anal (steady, that’s for a different blog) about symmetry. With the paw prints for example, they went from bottom right on my right hand and bottom left on my left hand – symmetrical.

The flowers, however, are too big to fit on one nail as I think it’s meant to be a random swirling selection of roses and leaves that cascade from one nail to the other. You place them in a multitude of different positions on each nail, sometimes with two transfers on one nail, to create a plentiful bouquet of roses spread across 10 gorgeous nails.


I. Like. Symmetry.

Once I was done, I had a compelling urge to remove it immediately but decided that was a waste. Especially when I could rant about it to you! I then proceeded to add gemstones and force myself to keep it on long enough to take a picture.

Then I removed it with reckless abandon.

For someone who likes a veritable smorgasbord of flowing patterns and styles this might work, for me, it was hell.


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