Nail transfers

Following a slightly mad shopping spree on Amazon, nail transfers are my new best friend. My selection was from here…..

Also in this spree I bought two sets of tweezers – one for transfers, one for gemstones – yes, they’re COMPLETELY different.

I actually expected the transfers I bought to be entire nail wraps as opposed to small designs but I don’t mind, because they’re amazing!

Paint a base coat, cut out the transfer, dip in water (20 seconds… ish), slide onto the nail and let it dry then slather on some top coat.

Also – the issue I was having with top coat making my nail art run doesn’t apply for transfers. Win.



These were a little fiddly as the pattern had to be cut to the right length for each nail but it didn’t take too much time, and does look pretty cool.

I have my nails in an oval shape at the tip which meant there was a little overhang of transfer on each corner. You can press it up on the underside of the nail but I chose to trim as I found it easier and neater.



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