Polka Dots!

Next up in the nail instalment: Polka dots!

Everyone loves polka dots, no one more so than my best friend. Pretty sure she had a mini orgasm when she saw my nails, then she noticed the matching toes and collapsed in a full blown convulsing series of orgasmic spasms. Metaphorically. If she’d actually collapsed that would have been much better…

This is one of those great patterns that’s incredibly simple to do but everyone fawns over your nails and you have at least eight conversations that go like this…

Them    “Did you do this yourself?”
Me        “Why yes, yes I did”
Them    “That’s incredible!”
Me        “Oh thanks, it’s really easy”
Them    “No way, they’re the best nails I’ve ever seen”

Ok, you got me, no one has yet said that last line, but I’m sure every single person who saw my nails has thought it.


So, to the simple and pretty quick method….

  1. Base coat (Use a base coat. Every. Single. Time)
  2. 1st coat of colour
  3. 2nd coat of colour
  4. Apply dots
  5. Top coat (see direction from point 1)

See, told you it was totes simps.

Two major points that need just a little further explanation. You NEED to have nail art pens, not just ones with a thin brush but ones with this needle like point on the left… Nail art pens

 This essentially produces a pin head size amount of nail varnish, and boom, polka dots! I do a diagonal line from bottom right to top left on each nail then do lines either side – it helps create a more uniform pattern of dots.

Be careful not to squeeze the bottle too much of the dot will be too big and you run the risk of them merging together. Of course if you want big dots that’s fine, but leave more room between them to allow for spreading, plus they’ll take longer to dry.

The other main point of note is the top coat. The one I currently use (L’Oreal Color Riche Nails Parisian Crystal 000) does have a tendency to ‘run’ the colour below. Not an issue with one solid colour but when you have a pattern it can smudge and make an intricate design go blurry. Until I find a top coat that doesn’t do this (believe me, I am searching), the only advice is to do the top coat in one firm, thick stroke and then leave it!

That’s pretty much all there is to it, play around with colours, size of dots, you could even do half with dots or half without, or half with dots and half with stripes… which might even be my next adventure….


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