Lord & Berry Crayon

Further to my love of nail art, is my love of lipstick! Sometimes, it’s truly all you need.

On the recommendation of Amelia Liana, whose superb beauty blog you can find here…. I bought the Lord & Berry Shining Lipstick in Chocolate, a bargain (compared to some of my other lipsticks) at £8. Interestingly though, on their website they don’t list chocolate as a colour….

Lord & Berry

It’s quite an odd one: a lipstick, in a crayon, but it’s not a liner nor does it have a matt effect, it’s a reasonably shiny lipstick. Not a clue how they do it but I don’t care, it’s AWESOME.

This is me immediately post application….

Lips, at application

This is me 4 hours post application, and also post lunch….

Lips, after 4 hours and lunch

The thing that disappears most with time/eating is not the colour but the gloss, fixed by either skimming over again with the crayon or you could top up with a balm. A little of the colour rubs off in the middle but a little top up would sort it right out.

Overall, I love it!

*Off to order the same thing in 6 different colours*

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