Right then: nails.

We all have them and every single one of them deserve love and attention, feet arguably more than hands. I’ve always been a fan of outsourcing most of my maintenance whether it be waxing, manicures, pedicures, massages (obv), tanning, eyebrow shaping/tinting, facials and eyelash extensions…. Yep, I’m pretty groomed!

Highlights also fall into the outsourcing list. I used a DIY kit once, things went a little (read: tremendously) wrong, bits were ginger, bits were blonde, bits were falling out – my hairdresser now has me under pain of death if I ever do something like that again, but I digress.


My toes are still the responsibility of a wonderful place in Clapham, I can soak and buff and file and scrub and paint them myself, I choose not to. However my fingernails are my pride and joy and recently I spent an obscene amount on transfers, gems, pens, striping tape, varnish, stencils and tools to try and recreate some of the beautiful things I’ve seen recently.

For better or worse, I’ll be posting the results here over the coming weeks/months…

First up: Gemstones.

I bought some nail art pens from Rio Nails and these gemstones came free, most unexpected but very much appreciated – as you’ll learn, I’m a sucker for some free stuff!

This is a pretty easy one to start off with, paint the nails, add a tiny dot of nail varnish, add the gem, slather on top coat and dry. Viola!

One word of warning – make the dot of varnish really tiny otherwise it will squidge out from under the gem and look a little manky! Other than that, a pretty easy one to start off with.



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